Our Garden & Pharmacy

Discover Fields of Yarrow seed-to-skin garden. Here is where we personally grow the precious botanicals our products are supercharged with.

Zero Mile Natural Skincare Ingredients

Nestled in the heart of Bali, Fields of Yarrow has realized its dream of extending its vision to a flourishing garden, where the brand directly cultivates the flowers and botanicals essential to its awarded skincare products. Inspired by the founder’s upbringing in the south of France, surrounded by nature’s abundant plant and flower fields, a deep understanding of nature’s potency is at the core of Fields of Yarrow’s philosophy.

The garden serves as a sanctuary where seeds are nurtured, plants are lovingly tended to, and the transformative power of nature is harnessed. Within this verdant oasis, a dedicated nursery is home to a vibrant array of flowers, carefully cultivated to ensure a sustainable and abundant supply. The nursery serves as the starting point for the journey of these botanical wonders, as they blossom into the ingredients that breathe life into Fields of Yarrow’s skincare creations.

From the seed to Your Skin


This harmonious integration of nature and expertise sets Fields of Yarrow apart. The founder’s background in chemistry, combined with a profound belief in the power of nature, has laid the foundation for a skincare brand that epitomizes the synergy between science and the natural world. Our commitment to sustainable practices and organic cultivation shines through in every product, as each one is imbued with the love and dedication poured into the garden.

At Fields of Yarrow, the journey from seed to skincare is a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing the most potent, effective, and ethically sourced skincare remedies.

Cultivating Nature’s Power

But it doesn’t stop there. We take our commitment to harnessing nature’s potential even further. A specialized pharmacy within the garden becomes the heart of our brand’s alchemical process. Here, the harvested botanicals are meticulously processed, utilizing traditional techniques such as drying and distilling. Each step is carried out with the utmost care and expertise, ensuring the preservation of the plants’ vital properties.

This close connection between the garden and the pharmacy allows Fields of Yarrow to maintain full control over the entire production process, from seed to bottle. By growing our own medicinal plants and flowers, we ensure the highest quality and concentration of our ingredients, resulting in skincare products that embody the very essence of nature’s transformative energy.

Image of a Fields of Yarrow product being bottled in the pharmacy

from the Garden

All of our skincare products are handmade, and we keep the production chain as short as from our Garden to our Pharmacy, and then straight to your house.

Each and every bottle contains a formula that has been designed and vetted for over 6 months by me, Souhela, and all of the amazing people that work in Fields of Yarrow.

Souhela Ferrah

Souhela Ferrah

Researcher, mom and founder of Fields of Yarrow

Growing up in the south of France, Souhela Ferrah was surrounded by flower fields. As the daughter of a pharmacist, and with her educational background as chemist, she found inspiration in natural healers, herbalists and nature itself. And this was enough to motivate her to start the awarded honest skincare brand, Fields of Yarrow.
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