About Fields of Yarrow

Fields of Yarrow is a clean skin care brand dedicated to creating effective skincare products that nourish both the skin and the soul, the natural way. Our vision is fueled by a total commitment to research, quality, sustainability, and the power of nature. At Fields of Yarrow we formulates our products using plants and flowers grown in our own organic garden in Bali, as well as ingredients sourced from organic farms across the Indonesian archipelago.

picture about fields of yarrow product pinapple and papaya

Skincare, powered by Nature

Fields of Yarrow’s unwavering focus is on selecting the highest quality plants and flowers, ensuring the potency and efficacy of our products, thanks to the high concentration of active agents. Every ingredient is naturally grown and harvested in accordance with organic standards, reflecting our deep respect for the environment and our mission to provide natural, healthy skincare solutions that work.

Fields of Yarrow’s products are free from synthetic dyes, fragrances, and preservatives. We take pride in sourcing our ingredients ethically, using only plant-based, organic ingredients. The vibrant and nutrient-rich ingredients from our blooming garden are carefully prepared and bottled with love. The small-batch production approach guarantees freshness, as products spend only a few days before reaching the hands of customers.

picture showing the c complex drops for skincare routines aimed at nourishing and restoring the skin

Clean Beauty that works

Award Winning Organic Skincare

Reviewed Great

The customers that chose us love the products and the service, and we have a Trust Score of “Great”, and several reviews you can find on our e-commerce website.

Certified and Approved

The ECOCERT certification recognizes the brand’s commitment to using only the highest-quality, organic ingredients in its products. In addition, each formulation undergoes rigorous testing and is registered with the National Agency for Drug and Food Control (BPOM). The brand is also GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practice), ensuring adherence to strict manufacturing standards.

Fields of Yarrow’s Values

  • We believe in quality over quantity and refuse to engage in mass-production. Working closely with our supply chain, we source only available raw ingredients.
  • Fields of Yarrow rejects the notion of skin types being solely genetic. Instead, we focus on addressing environmental damage to the skin, such as sun damage, pollution, and weather-related reactions. Our natural botanical skincare aims to elevate the skin’s glow and provide solutions for stressed skin.
  • Intense concentrations of active agents of our ingredients are a hallmark of Fields of Yarrow’s formulas, going beyond the minimum advised by clinical feedback to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety.
  • Our commitment to complex chemistry is upheld by a team of highly skilled batch masters and scientists with degrees in apothecary and chemical analysis. Their expertise allows Fields of Yarrow to overcome the challenges of formulating with high levels of concentrated natural ingredients while maintaining an all-natural preservative system.
  • Each ingredient is carefully selected for its unique benefits and purity, and the formulas contain the highest levels of concentration possible, without any artificial chemicals or harmful ingredients.
  • Our goal, is that you don’t have to compromise between health and results or between natural and high-performance. The non-toxic, ethically made, organic, and vegan products offer worry-free skincare that delivers exceptional results, as proven by our reviews and the several awards we won.
  • We avoid ingredients like sulfates, parabens, SLS, SLES, and other harmful substances.
image of lavender and citrus flowers being prepared in the pharmarcy
image of the founder of Fields of Yarrow, Souhela Ferrah, in black and white in her garden
image of a freshly mixed organic skincare compound being poured in Fields of Yarrow sustainable packaging

Lastly, Fields of Yarrow is mindful of its environmental impact. Discover our packaging policies here.

Souhela Ferrah

Souhela Ferrah

Researcher, mom and founder of Fields of Yarrow

Growing up in the south of France, Souhela Ferrah was surrounded by flower fields. As the daughter of a pharmacist, and with her educational background as chemist, she found inspiration in natural healers, herbalists and nature itself. And this was enough to motivate her to start the awarded honest skincare brand, Fields of Yarrow.
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